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And that’s only the start of Sangwoo’s tortures towards his new toy. Just how long does Bum Yoon endure?

Bum Yoon is a shy guy and also a hopeless case when it comes to adore. So far as you can even predict your obsession adore. But he knows very well he can not get any nearer to Sangwoo – he is far too popular and obviously not gay. This contributes Bum Yoon to downright stem him and even break into his home. There he loves Sangwoo’s seat and other personal things before he hears strange noises from the cupboard. Curiously, Bum Yoon opens and finds a flap in it that leads to a cellar. Obviously, the young stalker makes the decision to follow down the stairs and meets with a bound and gagged young woman there, who wears underwear and is hurt. From utter horror, Bum Yoon does not know what to do when Sangwoo shows up and knocks him down. Fearful and visibly confused this Sangwoo is extremely different from that which Bum Yoon has noticed him so far, he considers his end has come. He pops out with the first thing comes to mind: killing stalking read free online He admits his love to Sangwoo, making him believe. This hesitation saves Bum Yoon from being killed at first, but not out of Sangwoo’s terror games. What comes to mind: he confesses his love into Sangwoo, which makes him believe. This compliments saves Bum Yoon from being murdered in the beginning, but not out of Sangwoo’s horror games. What comes to mind: he admits his love into Sangwoo, making him think. This compliments saves Bum Yoon from being murdered initially, but not from Sangwoo’s horror games.

With lots of room on the large-format webpages, on which remarkable graphics come to life, the narrative lives mainly out of his drawings and also the notions of the figures. A work that is not suitable for each single reader due to its brutal history, but which casts a spell on everyone. Just like an accident where you can’t look away.

He has arrived in Germany: The Manhwa, who has been inhabiting the parties of their Boys Love readers since 2016. Highly controversial, altraverse has secured the rights to this narrative, which was originally a pure webcomic. The work has been published in color in many volumes because April 2019.