Hungry Shark World tips, tricks and cheats for Android and iOS

Here you will find tips, tricks and cheats for the Hungry Shark World app for Android and iOS. After the game had been available in selected countries for months, Hungry Shark World is now finally available for download in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now it is time to provide you with the best tips and tricks as well as answer frequently asked questions.

In our preview, we have already introduced Hungry Shark World for Android and iOS and published a video. Not much has changed since then, so our preview as an app is ideally suited. In Hungry Shark World, as with the previous Hungry Shark Evolution, you have to eat other fish, sharks, birds or people to survive. The goal is to achieve the highest possible high score.

Hungry Shark World tips and tricks

First, let’s get to our Hungry Shark World tips and tricks for a high score. After all, the goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and set a new record. It should be said that the bigger your shark, you should automatically set a new high score. Accordingly, it is not worth setting new records right from the start, but rather unlocking an XXL shark as quickly as possible.

General tips for Hungry Shark World for a high high score

First of all, we want to give you some general tips for Hungry Shark World, with which you can achieve a high highscore. Incidentally, you will be able to achieve an even higher high score with every larger shark.

You can improve every shark in terms of speed, bite and thrust. However, we do not recommend this as it costs gold. If you want to have an XXL shark quickly, do the tasks and missions instead. These not only bring gold, but also unlock other sharks. Pace, bite and thrust are good to have, but they also cost a lot of money, which you then lack to unlock the next shark.

Furthermore, you should only have one shark from each category. For the same reason, you just run out of gold in Hungry Shark World. Unlocking another world is an incentive to buy more sharks in the same category, but there are no advantages for you to swim in the new world. Once you have unlocked a new world, you have to see where you can do the tasks, because not all missions are unlocked in every world. At Hungry Shark World, these are then marked with a red X on the map before the game so that you cannot complete this mission in the world. Instead, try to be frugal and buy only the most necessary to get to the XXL shark quickly.

Show map in Hungry Shark World

It is enormously helpful to buy the map for the individual worlds of Hungry Shark World because with this you not only see the surroundings but by default the first letter of the word HUNGRY (or the next letter) is displayed. Since some of them are far apart and some of them cannot be reached with a shark of a lower category, you can also display all letters against gemstones where they are to find a more direct way.

The map in the Hungry Shark World app can be reached by pausing the game (tap at the top right) and then on the map. For each world, the card must be activated separately for gold, which is a sensible investment.

Collect the letters HUNGRY

If possible you should try to collect all letters of the word HUNGRY. As already described in the previous Hungry Shark World tip, the map is followed in sequence by default to find the next letter.

When you have collected all the letters, you become a mega-shark and become huge. In this state, you can eat almost anything that comes in your way. In the same breath, you get into a gold rush extremely quickly, so that the top priority at Hungry Shark World should be to find all the letters.