Corona warning app – Android app

Now available in the Play Store: With the official Corona warning app for Android, you can help to break the infection chains of the corona virus. We have the free download for you.

With the official Corona warning app for Germany, contacts with other persons can be identified anonymously via Bluetooth in order to inform contact persons of confirmed Corona infected at an early stage.

Voluntary Corona warning app: Break through chains of infection with the Corona Tracing app

The free Corona warning app uses the so-called DP-3T technology, which can be used to anonymously determine via Bluetooth how close and how long two users are in contact. In contrast to the PEPP-PT technology that was first considered, the tracing data is stored locally. To do this, the app must be installed on both devices. Location data and names of the contact persons are not recorded, in the case of a contact, only anonymized number codes are exchanged between the two smartphones and saved locally.

If one of the two users suffers from the corona virus, a warning message is sent to all app users with whom the sufferer had contact during his incubation period after the confirmed corona infected person has given his explicit consent.
Is the use of the Corona warning app voluntary?

Yes, the installation and use of the Corona warning app is voluntary. You can also decide whether you want to be tested if there is a corresponding risk of infection. However, such an app is only successful if it is installed by as many people as possible – otherwise the coverage cannot be guaranteed.