Football Helmet Safety in Three Simple Steps


As the highschool and school soccer seasons heat up,

the National operative Committee on Standards for Athletic instrumentality is encouraging oldsters,

coaches and athletes to refresh their data on helmet safety and safe play.

Keep these 3 straightforward steps in mind:

1. apprehend Your Helmet There are not any concussion-proof helmets. No helmet utterly prevents all head injuries, together with concussions.

A concussion could be a complicated event that involves a range of things. Advertising or different media claims that a specific helmet is anti-concussion or concussion-proof don’t seem to be supported by analysis and might be dishonorable and dangerous.

Avoid looking forward to any single datum, rating or activity once considering helmet choices.
Proper match is important. Helmets are designed for safety and performance supported correct match, specifically contact with the top.

raise your jock however the helmet feels — helmets mustn’t be too tight or too loose.
Look for the brand on the rear of the helmet that reads, “Meets customary.” the brand signifies that a helmet model has passed the foremost rigorous, science-based performance standards within the world.

Do not alter or modification your helmet. Adding accessories and removing artefact will alter however the helmet was meant to operate and probably interfere with its performance.

2. Maintain Your HelmetHelmets ought to be repaired and recertified to the NOCSAE customary on an everyday basis.

Helmets that are recertified can have a label within the helmet indicating the name of the recertifying company and therefore the date of recertification.

If you’ve got doubts, raise your coach or faculty administrator concerning their policy for reconditioning and recertification.

Replace the helmet when ten years.

3. rate Safe Play soccer helmets are only 1 a part of serving to to guard against head injuries. Use correct block and grappling techniques and demand social control of rules that compel players from leading with their helmets to hit different players.

Know the signs and symptoms of concussions — which might embrace headache, nausea, confusion,

giddiness and memory difficulties — and encourage everybody to report any and every one symptoms.

If a concussion has been diagnosed, athletes mustn’t come to play till cleared by medically trained consultants following return-to-play tips

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